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Save Money & Energy
High Bills? AEP Texas offers many tips to help customers reduce energy usage and keep costs down.
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News & Announcements
AEP Texas and UT Austin bring you Energy Games!
AEP Texas and The University of Texas at Austin are launching Energy Games, an energy efficiency and solar energy trivia game to help customers reduce summer energy bills.  In only 15 minutes a week, you’ll learn how to reduce your electric bill up to 25%.  Energy Games begins May 5! Sign up by April 30th to receive a $10 Amazon gift card.  Click here to sign up.
Learn how to save money and energy with AEP Ohio's  gridSMART programs, discounts and incentives.
Serving oil/gas fields in Texas
Extensive shale oil/gas reserves are located in and around geographic areas that align with the AEP Texas service territory. We can provide information regarding the location and capacity of our nearest facilities to producers, processors and pipelines. Companies having growth plans involving large commercial or industrial electrical loads should contact the AEP Texas service team to begin the planning process.
A Critical Message About Copper Theft
Copper theft is illegal and can kill, so protect yourself and your loved ones by learning more.
Power line safety
Serious injury, even death, can be caused by accidental contact with power lines. These accidents and injuries can be avoided if you are aware of your surroundings and follow basic safety precautions. AEP Texas has created this short video that shows you how to stay safe around overhead and underground power lines. Please take three minutes to watch this video. It could be the difference between life and death.
You have a choice:
Learn about your rights, your options, and the protections provided for you as an electricity consumer by Texas Electric Choice.
RV Park Meter Policy
Master-metered service for RV Parks can be converted to individually metered service at the request of the RV Park owner. See our conversion policy for more information.
One million Smart Meters will be installed over the next four years. Find out when your new, digital meter will be installed and learn how they empower smarter energy choices.
Updated Meter and Service Guide
This is the latest informational booklet to give guidance to customers, engineers, architects, contractors and other interested parties that re planning electrical installations for residential and small commercial buildings.
Our commitment to sustainability
See AEP’s Corporate Sustainability Report, which candidly discusses key issues such as climate change; environmental performance; and energy security, reliability and growth; and stakeholder engagement.
VIDEO: Anatomy of an Electric System
VIDEO: Anatomy of an Electric System - Learn about electricity and how to stay safe around it.
Are you in the dark?:
Report your power outage online through our convenient online system.
You have a choice:
Learn about your rights, your options, and the protections provided for you as an electricity consumer by Texas Electric Choice.
Other Resources
Your Safety At AEP Texas, we want customers and employees to use electricity in a safe manner.
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